1. Where can I access the RULES for each NMSO sport?

2. Where can I find the Registration Booklet & Entry Form for the 2022 Summer Games?

The 2022 Summer Games are scheduled to run in June 2022, in Las Cruces, NM. We hope to have the online registration open in January 2022. Please look for more details in our newsletter.

3. What if my local game site doesn’t offer a sport that is in the State Games?

If the local game site you reside in does not offer a sport/event, that’s ok. Athletes 50+ are no longer required to participate at local games to register for State Summer Games. If you want to know what sports the multiple local game sites are offering you can click here to view the Local Games schedules. Local Senior Games usually take place during Feb-May of each year.

4. From Local games to State games, what happens if my age changes into another age bracket?

Official age for our competition will be determined by the participant’s age as of December 31st , of the current year (meaning your age on last day of the year is your official age for competition).  This will apply to both local, state, and National competition.

5. What fees are included to participate in the Summer Games?

A Registration fee is always applicable and varies with the 2 deadlines.  Other applicable fees could consist of Housing, Meal Card, Golf, Banquet, Guest Pass, parking and/or Result Book, if the athlete chooses any of those additional options/fees. Please see the pictures below for our 2020 State Summer Games “Additional Fee Box” plus our  Summer Games Housing and Meals “Fee Box”.

6. If my sport is in the doubles category and I qualified for Nationals, does that mean I must have the same doubles partner in the National Games?

Doubles partners who qualified together are not required to play together at the National Games.  All participants must have qualified for the sport in which they intend to participate at National Summer Games, with one partner having qualified in the event in which they intend to participate.

7. Dates & Locations for the 2022 State Summer Games

New Mexico Senior Olympics Summer Games features over 90 events in 21+ different sports (subject to change). There are 130+ communities and 18 Local Game Sites across the state encouraging a healthy lifestyle in mature adults 50+ and we encourage our State Senior Olympians to compete with their respected Local Senior Games, but all (National Qualifying) sports/events are open to out-of-state athletes and all athletes are not required to qualify thru locals.

8. How do I qualify for NMSO Team Tournaments?

For all State Team Tournaments, 3-on-3 Basketball, Softball and Volleyball, athletes are not required to pre-qualify locally for State competition. New Mexico is an “Open State” for out-of-state participants/teams. Athletes may register online or by printing a paper registration form from the NMSO website at www.nmseniorolympics.org , starting March 1st, 2022. Be sure to visit our “calendar of events” on the right side of this page.

9. Where can I find my Local Game Coordinator?

Contact information for Local Coordinators is found on our Contact Us page.

10. Are the NM Senior Olympic Games open to out-of-state residents?

Yes, NM Senior Olympics now allows Out-of-State athletes into our Summer Games (only National Sports will be available for Out-of-State athletes to compete in).

11. Will there be Bowling events at the 2022 Summer Games in Las Cruces?

Because there is no Bowling facility in Las Cruces, the Bowling competition announcement will be coming soon for the 2022 Games.

12. Will there be a Triathlon event at the 2022 Summer Games?

Due to Budget constraints, NM Senior Olympics Ernesto Ramos State Summer Games will not offer Triathlon. Also, we understand this sport is considered a “limited” event for NSGA (National Senior Games Association). NSGA defines a “limited” event as one in which an athlete can qualify in ways other than thru State qualifying games. For Triathlon, an athlete can submit verification of having completed one (1) triathlon between January 1 and December 31, 2021. All triathlon athletes have the opportunity to participate under the “limited” event criteria regardless if the state offers this event. Athletes must submit to the NSGA office by no later than February 15, 2022 a limited event verification form, available on the NSGA website along with a copy of the official results or other public documents illustrating the results.

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