Ann Aceves

Age: 79
Location: Santa Fe

Ann Aceves will be 79 on her next birthday. This month, she will participate in six events at the Senior Olympics.

“Even though the Senior Olympics is based in Roswell, this is the first year we will hold a competition in Roswell,” Aceves said.

She is a swimmer and has been most of her life. She participated on the swim team in high school in New York state and was the captain of her swim team during her senior year. “My college (Mount Holyoke college in Massachusetts) did not have a swim team.

“Now they have an active team, and I have been nominated to be in their Hall of Fame.”

Aceves moved to Santa Fe 26 years ago. She has been on the Senior Olympics Committee for 20 years and its secretary for the last five.

Previously, she represented Santa Fe County for Spirit sports and she received the Spirit of Sport Awards, a salute to athletes who define sports performance.

In the past, Aceves also played field hockey and tennis. She also participated in the Racewalk. “I can’t now because I fave a bum knee.”

In Roswell, she will swim in the 50-yard, 100-yard and 200-yard backstroke competitions and the 50-yard, 100-yard and 500-yard freestyle.

She explained that Senior Olympics competition is age-related. “I’m competing in the 75 to 79-year-old age group. I’m one of the oldest in my age group.”

She emphasized the fact that the Senior Olympics have a number of activities for all ages, from dancing to shuffleboard. “There are events even for those who have limited mobility.”

Aceves urges all seniors to get involved in the Senior Olympics. “You make a lot of neat friends, and, like they say, if you don’t use it, you lose it.”

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