2017 New Mexico Senior Olympics Rules – Click on the sport or topic

Specific Sports Descriptions  

Terms & Definitions

General Rules

1. Air Gun

2. Archery

3. BadmintonClick Here for Sport’s Flyer

4. Basketball 3-on-3 Team

5. Basketball 3 Point Shot* (Look under Recreational Sports)

6. Basketball Free Throw* (Look under Recreational Sports)

7. Bowling

8. Cycling – Click on event to view map(s) – 5K….10K20K40K – Click Here for Sport’s Flyer

9. DanceClick Here for Sport’s Flyer

10. Disc Golf

11. 8 Ball Pool

12. FieldClick Here for Sport’s Flyer

13. Frisbee Accuracy Throw* (Look under Recreational Sports)

14. Frisbee Distance Throw* (Look under Recreational Sports)

15. Fun Events

16. Golf

17. HorseshoesClick Here for Sport’s Flyer

18. Huachas* (Look under Recreational Sports)

19. PickleballClick Here for Sport’s Flyer

20. Race Walk

21. RacquetballClick Here for Sport’s Flyer

22. Recreational Sports *Includes: Basketball 3 Point Shot, Basketball Free Throw, Frisbee Accuracy, Frisbee Distance, Huachas (Washers), Soccer Kick Accuracy, Softball Distance Throw.)

22. Road Race

23. Shuffleboard

24. Soccer Accuracy Kick* (Look under Recreational Sports)

25. Softball Distance Throw* (Look under Recreational Sports)

26. Softball Team

27. Swimming

28. Table Tennis

29. TalentClick Here for Sport’s Flyer

30. TennisClick Here for Sport’s Flyer

31. Track

32. Triathlon

33. Volleyball Team



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