*The 2021 State Summer Games is cancelled*

Our next recruiting session will be for the 2022 Summer Games in Las Cruces, NM.

More than 500 volunteers are needed to plan and successfully implement 21+ different sporting events at the Annual Senior Olympic State Games. All competition events are outlined in the official Game Schedule and held for athletes in five year age categories: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, etc., and 100+. Playing format and regulations are defined in the Athlete’s Information Booklet.

All Game volunteers will be required to attend a Volunteer Orientation. The volunteer orientation will be held at two different times to accommodate the working force, dates and times to be announced. All volunteers will receive specific assignments from the Sport Coordinator associated with the sport. Sport Coordinators will require that volunteers make themselves available for training and/or practices before the Games begin.

Examples of the types of volunteers utilized during the Games are: Sport Coordinators, Registrars, Assistants, Finish Line Personnel, Judges, Referees, Retrievers, Scorers, Office Clerks and Award Presenters. A sign-up sheet is available for volunteers to indicate what events and shifts you can be available to work.

The following job descriptions are intended to provide a brief overview of responsibilities encountered during the Games. The following summaries are in no way complete and may vary from sport to sport.

Sport Coordinator
A Sport Coordinator is the “person in charge” of that particular event from beginning to end. These persons must be responsible, qualified and knowledgeable in the specific sport. The Sport Coordinator will oversee volunteers, equipment, results, medical plan and water/fruit distribution.

Persons are needed to assist with “checking-in” participants for the competition. Volunteers must be knowledgeable of event details to include instructing competitors of: heats assigned, estimated starting time and where they should report or wait. Office clerks are needed for the Games Registration Office prior to the week of the Games. Clerks experience with computers, data entry, telephones and working with the public are needed before, during and after the Games. Sport clerks will be utilized to staff Sport Tables prior to the Games.

Assistants will be utilized to organize and set up the event competition. Some may be starters and will instruct participants on the rules of the competition and how times and places will be determined.

Finish Line Personnel
Volunteers may be timers, runners, talliers, ball retrievers, award presenters and just a general gofer. All volunteers must be available to meet with the Sport Coordinator for specific training.

Judges or Referees
Persons are needed to officiate the tournament(s) and must be trained with specific Senior Games playing rules. All types of judges will be needed: table judges for 8-Ball Pool and Table Tennis, line judges for Volleyball and Tennis, Track and Field Officials, (race walking judges are required to be certified to officiate the event), Talent Show and Dance Contest Judges, etc.

If you are interested in volunteering for a lifetime experience, please Click Here to download information or  contact us at the NMSO.

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