Andrew Moses

Age: 68
Location: Las Cruces

Andrew Moses first participated in Senior Olympics in San Antonio, Texas in 1989. He had read about the program in the local paper and began playing tennis and table tennis.

“I never played tennis until Senior Olympics,” he said. “I never played horseshoes or washers. I played team sports but now do strictly individual sports. A lot of people, when they get to their 50’s, take up different sports that they never competed in before.”

Moses has been involved in athletics most of his adult life. After serving in the Air Force during the Korean War, he coached football, baseball, and basketball at various schools throughout New Mexico.

Moses was the head of the math department at the University of Illinois for three years, then returned to New Mexico as an education specialist for the Job Corp program, a school superintendent, school principal, and math teach in various communities. He also served four years as New Mexico activities athletic director. Now he is retired and living in Las Cruces.

At 68, Moses plays tennis year round two or three times a week. He also plays horseshoes and washers three or four times a week. He believes regular exercise brings great rewards. “When you exercise, it helps you mentally. It keeps you from being depressed and gives you something to do besides work in your yard. You can be among other people and that helps keep you mentally fit too.”

The Senior Olympics program attracts Moses because he enjoys competition, but at a level he is comfortable with. “I like tocompete with people my own age. When you play tennis, you play with everybody, bat as you get older, it’s hard to compete with 20-year-olds. You don’t do so well,” he laughed.
“Senior Olympics is very inexpensive. It is good competition; there’s a lot of good fellowship, and you meet lots of people from all walks of life,” Moses explained. “The state games are most enjoyable. It’s kind of like a mini vacation where you get to play games!”

Among his accomplishments is winning the state shuffleboard event two years in a row, but his claim to fame in the academic world is a bet more cerebral. “I discovered how to graph the complex roots of cubic and quadratics,” Moses said. “Even though I was in math, I was a geometrist. Very few people go into geometry. You can count them on one hand. Most colleges don’t even offer geometry.”

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